Begun 1990.

The following excerpt from an email
‘democraticly’-sent to
a ‘high-official’ of the UK State

is also ‘democraticly-dutifully’


It seems so “impossible”
that both the Earth’s Lifesupports’ 
Civilisations’ “Needs”
can survive 
given the facts reported via many non-fiction publications –

The David-Attenborough hosted TV documentary 
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
(1) Humankind has already been grossly over-consuming,
over-wasting, over-bio-extincting,
and over-non-bio-irreversibly destroying Earth’s Lifesupports¬†
such that we have long been increasingly demanding
(“) almost two Earthsworth¬†of Lifesupports(“)
(2)  The UK is second-worst in the World for
demanding 500% more than its fair-share
of the Earth’s ‘resources’ and of Other-Countries’-Peoples’ Produce;
{whilst the USA is the worst at 900% more than its fair-share;
China ‘only’ 10% more than its fair¬†share}..
The UK’s deliberately
of some 9 (nine)-times more Monies from 3rd and 4th world countriesthan it is ‘giving-back’ to¬†them in Foreign-Aid.

C.  The UK’s ‘Constitution-&-Establishmentarianism-based Budgeting’
is ‘insanely’ imbalanced and imbalancing –
as is evidenced by such ‘crazy over-costing’ as in one case alone –

“Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care
invoicing Westminster Government
£500 a time
for a young Sitter to sit for one day a week from 9 to 4
with an anxious old lady 
whilst that lady’s registered voluntary, part-trained and unpaid ’24/7/52′ only carer
at his own expense travelled to Totnes for a 7-weeks course in ‘Carer-Improvement’ –
such training not being available in Plymouth.

That sitter did her job, but was paid virtually only
the minimum wage
[<£50 for that 7-hour day].
She was “as good as gold”;

 but how can that huge over-cost of ¬£450 ever be intrinsicly justified ?

especially when the neighbourhood
so long-term desperately needs such taxpayer funding –
and probably even less than that £450 amount
to establish
 ” ‘No-Lose’ Needs-& Hows Recognition 
and Method III Cooperative Problem Solving Groupings” ?
Regardless of my only ‘graduation’ achievement having been
from Intake 1 of the newly-up-graded
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in June 1948.
where I had scored a distinction level in Tactics-&-Strategy –
the ensuing life-experience which followed
eventually caused me in 1990
to start three ‘voluntarily-altruistic’
” not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence'” 

The ‘Purpose’ and ‘Raison D-Etre’ of which I state as being:

Individual Human Movement Co-Improving,
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building & Co-Maintaining.”

Let me ask you,
or perhaps a ‘more-time-available’
member-of-a-team that may be at hand,
to please skim through these sites,
allowing for my ‘amateurness’ in presenting the material.;

because I seriously think that
far too much excellent non-fictional Knowledge & KnowHow advancement 
is being published

but is literally being
 ‘ignored and neglected’
by virtually all Authorities –
and even being suppressingly excluded
from Education and Training Essentials,     
and being ‘left-out’ by the Popular-Media
(including by the BBC –
which surely should be
24/7 running an
“Open-Lifeplace-Enablement Educational” channel
in its own and the Nation’s  “Citizenship-Service” right ?). 
With best regards; 

xxxxxxxxx (UK Citizen)


1437 Thursday 28 May 2020.
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