“Words” and “Minds” -1

Begun 2000.

Even after WW2 any departure from the strict-school room
verbal-vocabulary and way of writing
was ‘dismissed’ as being ‘racy’ or ‘plain silly’.
Even now 70 years ‘further on’ –
there is much ‘fogginess’, reaction’, and ‘conflation’
over such’ simple’ words as
and its “Health-derivative” –


by Professor Dweck
Pointing out
the over-inculcation of
and our need to develop much more of

Wisdom of the Body Moving
by Linda Hartley
‘Deep-Breakthrough’ surprising the wholeworld –
that the development of our human-movement
happens in
actually ‘in parallel’ with
each of Life-on-Earth’s Greater Evolutionary-Stages –
right back before
the ‘Sea=Squirt’, the Frog’, and the Chimpanzee
our brains and ‘minds’
were actually ‘storing’
the memory of that stage’
‘unique’ way of moving.

Furthermore –
is not only not just in the Brain,
it is a
throughout the whole body –
such that each little part of our body
‘its-own-mind’ .


At the computer screen, two people are’co-learning’>
There is a little square in the top right hand corner –
which ‘toggles’ the size of the ‘window’ being shown
between ‘Full-screen’ and ‘Smaller-screen’
“What’s the correct term -”
worries one of those learners –
The other replies
“Well just ‘big’ the picture”.
Other folk are finding a real need for words like
“Facilitator” to need the derivatives
“Facilitatress” to be clear its a female;
and “Facilitee” to show the recipient of the faciliotation.
Similarly –
as Dr Albert Schweitzer pointed out –
“No doctor ever healed anyone.
All any-one can do for another person is to
Help them to heal theirself.”
So –
There is no such person nor thing as a ” Healer” – .
And we need to understand
that a bandage, as well as the nurse applying it,
are ‘Healing-Helpers’;
even ‘though each
comes within the general-definition of
“anyone and anything that helps the person to heal theirself”.

“The NHS”
in real-life-fact
Britain has never yet had a “Health” Service –
The Nation ‘Health’ Service
has in fact always been a good and world-leading
“National Hospitals, Illnesses & Pharmacology Sector”.

Another “mind-opiate”.-

The term used to be, and should still be,
“Lifesupport Allowances”.

It is of no “benefit” to have ‘become’
(i) a raped single mother.
(ii) a disabled person,
(iii) unemployed.
(iv) “Sick”.

It is we who are “irresponsible” for
our –
and now
the whole-world’s
English Language.

We need to be much more thoroughly
over the words we use
and which we are becoming increasingly
of empowering our ‘leaders’
to keep further

Thank you.

1st In-Progress interim publication
2309 Wednesday 27 May 2020