Begun 1980.

It is highly possible

that Humankind is already
‘past-the-point-of no-return’
into an insidious extinction.

In the case of one of the large whale species

which had been over-killed [“harvested”]
{mainly by Russia and Japan in the 20th century}
but had been stopped from being killed
when their number dropped to 500′,

a number still then
to be
‘plenty enough to re-build theirselves
from being near to the edge of extinction’ –

1127 3rd interim
Begun 1980.
“…from being near to the edge of extinction.”

the scientists had long-before warning
the World and the Killers
that more than 1,000
was the smallest naturally-survivable number
even if
not even one such whale
were to be killed by us humans
in the next three-or-so decades

1123 M260520 2nd interim publication
“…the World and the Killers …three-or-so-decades “

and had not been ‘listened-to”

Sure enough, that whale’s number
continued ‘naturally’ dropping –
such that ‘long-ago now’
that whale ‘became’ extinct.

‘was extincted’ –
namely by

That may now be
as yet popularly-unperceived situation too –
except that
in our case it is not a
but a




It is actually the ET’s fault –
“but they too have been learning from their fundamental mistakes”
and are already returning
with all the right-answers this time !

🙂 🙂 🙂


1119 Monday 26 May 2020 –
1st In-Progress interim publication.