Begun 1200 Sn 170520 –
1st interim publication 1401 F 220520.

Considering the real-live “senses” of some “mere-words” –
the first question
herein co-sustainworthyingly arising
seems to be

“Is ‘Quora’ the plural of ‘Quorum’ ?”
our http://lifefresh.net e-site here
now has a ‘relationship’ with the
‘wider-world-professional and Lifeplace28
communities-serving’ website
www.quora.com –

and since “quorum
has a sense of “minimum- number-of-members” –
but the Quora website ‘deals with’
both short (minimal) and long (numerous)
questions and answers
and numbers of
‘interested and concerned’ participants (‘members’)’ –

a certain ‘clarification’ may be ‘advisable’.

a short question/answer in Quora
may differ from a long one :

How often does one unknowingly eat a tardigrade?

One unknowingly eats a tardigrade just as long as
one has never heard of a tardigrade.
Thank you for awaring us.

What exactly is this COVID-19 virus disease?
Why can there be a virus?
What is the main cause of this virus?
And what makes some people still ignore the virus?

(1) This COVID-19 disease is
the Earth-Evolutionarily-Naturally-Competitive
‘destructive-invasion’ of the human-body by one of
the recently-updatingly mutating corona-shaped viruses,
from the Virus Lifedom-on-Earth,
as a source of that virus’s survival-prey-need
ongoingly-competitively with the Bio Lifedom.
(2) In the Very-Beginning of Life-on-Earth,
two ‘Lifedoms’ were ‘launched’
(i) The Bio-Lifedom
(ii) The Virus-Lifedom.
(iii) An “ET-dom’ may also need to be ‘factored-in’.
(3) ‘”Why can there be a virus?”
Apparently because “In The Beginning” –
The Earthlife Creation ‘Force’ created two Lifedoms
not just one (i.e. our ‘Bio-Lifedom);
the Viruses one of which’s ‘Purpose’
was made to be ‘multifold’
namely to interact symbioticly, co-existently, and hostilely
with any member of the Bio Lifedom.
(4) The evident “main cause” of this virus is
the overarching and underpinning EarthLife-Purpose,
a part of which is “existential-competition”
varyingly between the two main Life-doms
but also between any two members
of the same, or of the different, Life-dom.
An essential subsidiary cause would be
(a) “Survival’s” need to exercise “surprise-preemptive-striking”
and the ‘Victim’s’ ‘other-side-of-the-equation’
(5) What makes some people still ‘ignore’ the virus (-threat)?
(a) “That’s not my pay-grade”.
(b) “That’s the NHS’s responsibility.
(c) “It’s not what I voted for, so the Government won’t allow it”..
(d) It’s only another ’flu and I get my jab every year.
(e) the built-in civilisational and human-developmental risk
of Meditational-Self-Immunisation-Strengthening
turning into procrastinatory-complacency.…
(f) …
(g) …

1427 F220520
4th interim publication.



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