Personal Guidances

Begun o8oo Tuesday 19 May 2020.

Two published personal guidances
that are being found “worthy of the time” are

Mind Maps

by Kam Knight ( 3rd edition 2014).

In which he displays
a differently-efficient mind-mapping pattern –
instead of being full of curves,
it is “rectilinear, “squarer”,
not so “twigslike-branching,
and quite “symmetrical”.

This makes it ‘simpler’ to deal with.
————– 🙂 ————

365 Days of Self-Care – A Journal
by Jayne Hardy.

Today is day 137 of 2020
[Tuesday 19th May]
and ‘we’ are already
making our ‘Priority Intentions and Guesses’ in it,
as well as figuring out what Jayne means by
Week 21 “My High-Five Moments”
and her ‘one-day-at-a-time’
Open; Slow; Conflict; Drain; Enjoy; Perfect; Favourite Word;