Using Published Guidances.


In “dealing-with” any book

especially with the non-fiction ones
that we are most focally co-sustainworthyingly interested in

we need to be
on the “qui vive”
for any Major-Matter
that is ‘absent’ from it.


We are at this very moment learning from
the excellent, and sustainworthying, work of
Joe Barnes (2015)
Escape The System .

Joe has successfuly focused-down upon
‘escaping from’
“The Bad System”;

and Joe has done this very thoroughly.

We need also to identify and pursue
Good System”
or parts of “The System”.

So we may actually “add” such within Joe’s pages
by folding down a wad of A4 paper to act as a blank book
and rubber-banding that inside Escape The System.
It may be further ‘wise’ to add-in
Things which are “Neutral”.

“Let’s run with this”.

1549- 1551 W 130520.
1553 Offlining for other co-sustainworthying matters.