Waste Not Want Not ‘Words’.

Instantiation #1

“… but you’ve gone and p***** our rent-money
up against a wall …”

“… so what ? …
… there’ s tons of tins of food laid-in under the bed …”

“… but the neighbours have started complaining
about your filthy drunken habit, anyway …”

“… well that’s a load of ‘cods’…
when I’m drunk I can’t even stand up –
let alone water walls all around the option …”

“… Huh!…”

“…anyway my urine’s clean and healthy-
the science video says so –
clean enough to drink …

… so even if I did gift some to a wall
it would be a free wash for the wall –
and nice clean water
for the earth the wall stands in –
so’s the flowers that grow in the Spring
can shine better …
for the free delight of all those neighbours of yourn ! …”


we’d better leave such
whilst we ourselves
catch up with
a bit.

The guidances available are not only the plentiful
“Rules” books by Richard Templar [*]

Rule 27: “Practice makes Progress” –
‘It’s an ongoing process, not a magic wand’ “

but some seriously ‘career-founding‘ texts
‘key-knowledge headings, phrases and sentences’ –
for immediate use –
longer paragraphs and chapters
which could eventually add up to
at least one professional skill.

We already have quite a few good non-fiction
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
Guidances in our Support Lists
e.g. How To ‘Win’ Every Argument
by Professor Madsen Pirie,
Possibly others are being added,
such as the quite ‘How to …’ practical
The Art of Critical Thinking
by Christopher Hayes;

and the truly ‘career-professional’
Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation
by Professor Douglas Walton.
We shall need to include
some actual ‘practical’quotations
from such non-fiction guidances.
e.g. from Walton

Critical argumentation is a practical skill that needs to be taught, from the very beginning, through the use of real or realistic examples of arguments of the kind that the user encounters in everyday life.”

e.g. The Rules of Life; The Rules of Thinking: The Rules of Work.
(by Richard Templar)
http://www.lifefresh.co.uk; http://www.one-human-living.com; http://lifefresh.net.

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1249 A quote from Richard Templar’s Rules of Thinking
1251 Offline sustainworthying.