“Lifeform ‘Disasters’ ?” #1.

Published on QUORA by Mike Walsh.

What is the most terrifying organic species?
{Apart from the “Group-Thinking Technological Human-Being”.
(Publisher’s ‘background-thought’; 1707 Sunday 10 05 2020) }

The Manchineel Tree

It’s not much to look at; looks somewhat like a small birch or ash tree. But don’t let that fool you, this tree hates nearly everything that crawls.

(brave, bordering on stupid, individual)

Every part of this tree is toxic. The sap will cause ACD, rain water is turned into a blistering agent, the fruit is poisonous (and the real kick in the pants is that the fruit has been reported as having a pleasant taste) as is every part of the tree (bark, wood, leaves, etc).

Even the smoke from burning this tree can cause ocular injuries; and presumably the injuries to the respiratory system from smoke inhalation would be horrific in this case.

Essentially, this tree is nature’s little war crime.


1700 – 1715 Sunday 10 May 2020.