Sustainworthy Preparation.

Tomorrow, Sunday,
begins here in England in less than 30 minutes –

so some last-minute Preparation
might prove ‘co-helpful’
vis-a-vis ‘God -‘ –
“Who created The Universe and All that is Within It and Without It”.

“Sapienta-wise” –

the ETs

who have been repeatedly visiting this Planet Earth
and oustandingly accelerating
the Natural-Evolution
the Technological-Civilisation-Dedvelopment
of us Humankind-

must be
since they too
were created, are redeemed, and are comforted,
by the same God
Who created us.




2337 Saturday 09 May 2020.
2343 “were created, are redeemd, and are comforted, by the same God …”
We are ‘offline-sustainworthying now, from 2339 – 2343
until ‘Sunday morning-daylight’.