Critical Crises: how tackle ?

We have here a further

in the shape of a non-fiction life-guidance publication by one
Christopher Hayes 2019

The Art of Critical Thinking.

Let us
shall we ?



Christopher welcomes us with a ‘sub-title’ –

“How To Build The Sharpest Reasoning Possible For Yourself


One of our co-sustainworthying members has already added a pre-title note, asking for it to be made publicly-notable.

“Remember to be
already continually Self-Sensing & Controlling
all of your own body-&-mind “parts”
as you-&-we go along.”

Thank you, co-sustainworthier “X”:

1847 F 08 05 2020 (*)
(**) “… Becoming …”
(***) “Question:
Who [by/who to/ who else/ …] involved ? p30
What ? 31
Where ? 33
When ? 34
Why ? 36

What-for ?
[our co-sustainworthying add-on}

How ? 37
Lawyer p56;
Doctor p61;
Judge p67;
Accouhtant p73;
Teacher p76;
Buying A House; 99
Choosing A Car; 102
Choosing University; 106.


Offline we shall be preparing by viewing and ‘mulling-over’
The Contents :-

Introduction p4;

Importance Of Being** A Critical Thinker p8;

Do This Whenever You Start Critical Thinking (***) p23;

Being Successful In Business. p40;

Critical Thinking In The Professional World. p52 (****)

Follow These Steps To Make Your Life Easier p 83.

Everyday Life Eased by Critical Thinking p98 (*****).

Do This To Stop Questioning Yourself; p110.

A Guaranteed Way To Improve Your Critical Thinking; p119.

The Best Way To Get Started; p131.


We need to break for vital other-sustainworthyings ‘olffline’ – 1915