Advanced Warnings Denied.

Today Thursday 07 May 2020
An early focus of
the BBC TV “Question Time”
“Why was Britain so far behind
in recognising and urgently acting upon
the Covid-19 Advanced Warnings
that our Governmental
and Leading-International-Communication & Media Centres
were receiving ?”

As our
‘ancient’ as well as ‘current-hot-stop-press’ Posts
have been showing

“Why have our UK
Top-Establishment, Governmental, Leadership. & Media
been ignoring and denying
the very existence and publication
of similar
– but much-much-worse* –
Onrushing-Threats –

not only of
“Climate Worsening”*
[ malfeasantly, dishonestly, and ‘whitewashingly’
officially worldwide-English-language named
“Climate Change” ]
but of
the insidiously and ‘arguably-imperceptible’
into exponentially-worsening

Earth’s Lifesupportive Carrying-Capacity
Humankind & Technological Civilisation’s
Excessive Demands and Destructivities.**


* Island Defensive Beach Sand Surrounds
“extincting” by
“internationally-competitively industrially removing their sands
Business-World-Elsewhere Luxury-Building Purposes.
.** See “Australian Environmental Studies” ‘Open-University’ TV Course
and Professor David Smith’s Continent In Crisis
as well as this closing face-to-face statement
(“) With the Earth’s Lifesupports
now going exponentially downwards
the Human-Civilisation GNP showing them
to be going infinitely upwards,
someone has to get it through
to the Economists
that they have a
fundamental equation wrong somewhere.(“)’
Prof Jonathan Stone also stated in that same B.A. course that
(“) We humans have become a ‘plague-upon-Earth'(“)
.*** Although Britain is scoring worst-in-the-world
for Advanced Warning Ignoring
and responding controllingly to Covid-19’s killing-off rates
[at 44.4% – and possibly much more when outside-of-hospital deaths are honestly and fully known and published]
that UK 30,000 deaths number
is less than only 0.05% of the total UK Population.

Much worse Threats
have long been in the
“Onrushing World and UK Pipelines”
and have been being ignored and denied
from Top-to-Bottom, Side-to-Side
and resonantly-negatingly
stultifying. paralysing and procrusteanisng
not just the billions of ‘ordinary low-income-people’ worldwide
but the 100’s of 1,000’s of middleclass
civil-service and professional ‘deludeds’
as well.



Visit this not-for-profit’s
two also not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’
supportive e-sites
for Lists of
neglected and denied non-fiction
Earth-Lifesupports Supportive

Friday 08 May 2020.
0039 “sands removed for Business World Elsewhere … ”
We – going to offline further ‘sustainworthying’ tasks
by 0100