The following contribution to
a World Power that is
seeking to make a better World
after the
worldwide COVID-19 ‘Killer-Epidemic” ‘subsides’ –
has today been emailed to their
‘Public Relations Secretary’
is a voluntarily-altruistic
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’ e-site
run by an individual British-cum-Australian age-pensioner
from his single rental-bungalow at PL6 5LU; U.K.

The Raison-D’Etre of this ‘little’ site is stated as being

Individual Human Movement Co-Improving,
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building & Co-Maintaining.” 

An intention possibly to run ‘co-pro-actively’ with a
United Nations-Run
“Worldwide-Peaceful Radical Reformation ‘New-Era'”
needs to be seriously scrutinised and considered.
From some most recent 
posts may be seen
‘argumentational-entries’ and ‘bibliography’
indicating that 
far worse “Threats”
than the current ‘Coronavirus-pair’ [and its worldwide ‘Killer-Epidemic’]
have long been in the “Onrushing-Future-Pipeline”.
[check with Prof David Smith’s Continent In Crisis (1990) – Australia’s Carrying-Capacity was already greatly exceeded by its human-population.]

And’evidently’ – not just ‘arguably’ –
that this much greater “Future-Multi-Threat”
is so insidiously-accumulating destructive and extinctional power
that we Need
as the Worldwide Top-Priority
 the above “package” of Radical-Reform 
to be begun for both
The Immediate & Short-Term
the Longest-Term

And that the 
last thing
we now Need to be doing
or even ‘wishing-for’ 


Before-COVID-19 so ‘unforeseeably-torpedoed us’ “

as long ago as
(i) the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights
[which even the ‘best’ of nations 
has hardly done any better than successfully-implement 50% of it –
and which still fails to provide updated lists & prioritisations of All Human Needs];

(ii) the 1948 UK “NHS – National Health Service”
which should have been called what it was and is, the 
“UK National Hospitals, Illnesses and Pharmacological Sector”;

(iii)  the 1978 UN WHO Declaration of Primary Health Care –
which the UK Government and BMA  ‘swept-in-under’ 
the long-pre-established “Primary Medical Care” –
erecting new Shingle-Boards saying “Primary Health Care”
 when inside there was only the same old surgery and ‘Primary Medical Care’.

(iv)  The UN’s attempt to make a Declaration of Child Needs & Care (1978 ?)
also failed to enable Children, in its clause
(“) In religious matters the child shall conform to the parents wishes (“) –
as if
such new-advance non-fiction  publications as Dr Thomas Gordon’s
Parent/Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Training
with its ‘No-Lose’ Method III of Cooperative Problem Solving
did not even exist !


1423 Monday 04 May 2020.
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1429 “needs to be seriously scrutinised and considered”