How Evaluate Life ?

our Humankind & Its Civilisations
have been upwards-exponentially
this Earth’s Lifesupports
and Humankind’s People.
It is calculated that in this 21st millennium
our Humankind has for at least 50 years
been ‘over-killing’ Earth’s Lifesupports
such that we now need
two planet Earthsworth of Lifesupports
in order for Humankind to survive
even the near-distant Future.


So –
just how may we correct
our own
‘shoppinglist’ values & expectations ?

We here in “Co-Sustainworthying”
have done
some useful university-level mathematics
and other ‘life-essential subjects
and so we believe that
sufficient expertise exists within today’s Humankind
to lead us out of our
‘Terminal-Extinction Predicament’
and into a
‘Truly-Co-Sustainworthying Future’.


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2241 Wednesday 29 April 2020