by a protected reliable source :-

Further to the world-general-populations’
multitudinous range of “World Views”

scientists have also been compiling a
“Solar-System View”


in the increasingly positive evidence accumulation
of this Earth’s ‘living-connection’ with
at least least one
interstellarly-‘colonising’ space-team

[now familiarly ‘dubbed’ by popular Earth talk
as “ETs” = “Extra-Terrestrials”]

having much more advanced-&-advancing
Galactic Evolutionary Knowledge & KnowHow
than is present upon this Planet Earth

a small group of our humankind ‘extra-mural scientists’
are now further formulating a new

which is reported to have the following

Whilst the “Earthian-ET-Team”
has other “colonisable” planets to be both
“advancement-catalysing” –
it can only ‘intermittently’ visit this Earth.

Evidently also, although being much more advanced,
these ETs too are still having to
“learn” their way ahead,
which in turn involves their occasional

Clearly now, these ETs have since long ago
been very aware
of Galactic Life and Non-Life
Forms, Structures, and Functional-Capabilities
and therein are possibly
not only ‘aware’
of this Earth’s fundamental

namely between the
and the

but have been including in their
active-research into the
“Advancement-Supportive Control”

the “Bio-” branch
(to which we humans belong)
the “Virus-” branch
(to which both the ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ Viruses belong).
One of the ‘leaked’ extra-mural-small-group of scientists
is reported to
‘rationally-informedly believe’
that results so far
from such
“Advancement-Supportive Control”
work –

that the ETs have both
‘discovered’ and ‘created’
“Lifeform and Virusform Controlling
‘Continuous-Beams and Continual-Rays’
and some Modulation-Technologies Thereto”

That ‘anonymous scientist’ further speculates that
“pose-dormantly as lifeless-bits-of-metal” –
being carried around ‘convectionally’
until their immediate environment becomes ‘friendly’ to them
at which point their mere 40-genes-strong DNA-structure
“is somehow triggered to become
‘self-moving, self-nurturing and self-procreating’ –
similarly to any Bio-lifeform’.

It is that “triggering
[of a mere 40-gene ‘invisible-speck-of-dust’]
to apparently
‘be-moving itself, both forwards and backwards’
that is captivating the attention
of the other scientists
in that small ‘annonymous; extra-mural group –

and that is what has legitimately occasioned this


(follows after a Break to offline co-sustainworthyings)


Just as our human ‘World-View’ is a
Comprehensional ‘video-clip’
of the Nature, Purpose and Capabilities of this Earth
” –

so a “Solar-System-View” is a view of
the Structure, Purpose and Capabilities
of the Sun and Planets
which we “Earthians” are such a subject-part-of

and a “Galactic-View” is of
the Structure, Purpose, and Capabilities
of what we call “Our Local Galaxy“.
“Interplanetary Accelerated-Evolutionary-Development Mission”


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