The following message has been emailed to the United Nations’ :-

UN World Encyclopedia

I want an ‘annually-updated’
“UN-Encyclopedic Model of The World” –
showing Maps and Hierarchies, and “Situations”.; please.

Perhaps it could include a “Poll” of World-People’s ‘World-Views’.
And actual and recommended ‘short’ Bibliographies
of .constituted & constitutable’ Constitution-Guidances.

{Please see voluntarily-altruistic,
and not-for-profit, power, prestige, nor ‘pretence’

wherein it is also suggested that
publish a similar “World-View” encyclopedia called
“An Encyclopedia of Earth Lifeforms’ Needs, Hows and Prospects”.]

With highest regards,
xxxxxxx …

1731 Sunday 26 April 2020
and “Offline sustainworthyings call …”