Suitcase A-bombs “waiting”


We know they exist ‘,

[and ‘know’ more ‘realistically’ than we know of
the barrels of gunpowder stowed-away
under Westminster Houses of Parliament
by one ‘Guy Fawkes’]

and are probably ‘in situ’
in at least one top-ranking
Governmental or Power-Body ‘vicinity’;
but we don’t know for sure that they are
nor where.


NOW :-

Something like an accidental –
(or even deliberately ‘orchestrated’ ) –
in one of the world’s Oilfields-&-Storage-&-Shipping Centres

could possibly be even more ‘crippling’ than
a ‘suitcase A-Bomb’ under or in the vicinity of
The White House,
the UN General Assembly.
“10 Downing Street” or Buckingham Palace.

The “secret” ‘double-barreled’ fact that
the UK
has been consuming and wasting
500% more than its fair share
of the Earth’s resources
and of Other (usually ‘poorer’ countries’) produce –

and that the UK’s entrenched-ally the USA
hasbeen similarly consuming & wasting
900% more than its fair share

the UK Is intent upon continuing so to exceed its fair share …

is already like
“A Suitcase A-Bomb waiting to go off” =
worse –
could already be like a
“planted deadly-virus-package –
already beginning to accidentally ‘leak’ !!!”
and there is more

1359 W 22042020
Offline ‘Sustainworthying” again calls.
1403 “and know more realisticly”