Relevancies #5

The Future We Choose
‘Surviving the Climate Crisis’
(by Figueres & Rivett-Carnac)

is “doubly” relevant to
Our-New-Planning-&-Rehabituation Needs


It is a leaderful advance
encompassing all aspects of
the Earth & Humankind Survival Predicament;

and yet

Its Title looks ‘clear’ but is’ thickly-foggy’
in that only the less-than-1% Elitely-Oligarchic Rulers
do the “choosing” –
in fact none of the 7-billion “we” has a letter or ‘squeak’ including in that {“} {“} Future That a Hansdful of Earth-Humans Already Chose {“}


One other non-fiction book that we
“need to grab”
17 Equations That Changed the World
(by Professor Ian Stewart)

simply because they are already
“sustainworthy” – and


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1105 Going offline “co-sustainworthying”