Relevancies #4

message to BOB BATES leading educationist.

After Intake 1 RMASandhurtst 1947 and 6 years service in the Infantry , to keep the world peace as a worthy career,
I resigned (due to a Gurkhas social & religious responsibility where it was ‘meet’ for the junior officer to ‘take the fall’ -and I had served the minmum time anyway).

Back in England, 1954, a grant to enter the 4-year B.A. course at Keele university came my way, and I ‘grabbed’ it : choosing English and Philosophy as my two majors,
and Psychology, Education and Physics as the Minors (covering the then all three faculties required to be passed for the degree).

Unfortunately I fell ill, and was ‘forced’ to voluntarily withdraw (so that another could take the grant while I was in such a long-recovery process).

Now an ‘Outsider’, I began coming across non-fiction academic publications which were not being at all widely recognised and encouraged.
Among these
Hendricks & Wills “The Centering Books” ;
Beata Jencks’s “Your Body: biofeedback at its best

[without instruments, machinery and artificiality) ;
David Boadella’s “Lifestreams” ;
Ross Horne’s “The New Health Revolution” ;
Janet Goodrich’s “Natural Vision Improvement” ;

Paul Pearsall’ “Superimmunity”.

There followed during those post-1955 years more such
‘neglected’ work:
Myers editor (incl Bellamy) “Atlas of Planet Management”:
Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”;
David Smith’s “Continent In Crisis”
[and his statement near the end of
the ‘Australian Environmental Studies’ ” TV Open University 26 weeks course :
“With the Earth’s lifesupportive resources and carrying-capacity alarmingly decreasing,
but the GNP/GDP figures and graphs showing them to be overall-long-term ascending,
someone has to get it through to the Economists that they have a fundamental equation wrong somewhere!”.

Now I’m collecting such authors as
;Naomi Klein;
Risa Kaparo [“Awakening Somatic intelligence”]

Smit & Pagett [“The End of ‘More'”].

Over a number of years i contributed over 700 submissions
to the House of Lords’s ‘Informally Extra-Mural’ 2-way reach our to the Public (until it got ‘permanentl-frozen’ in August 2018).

I also ‘voluntarily-altruisticly’ and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’,
run three e-sites;;

Once glimpsed, I think these sites will show concealment and avoidance,
by both Governments and universities,
of the existence of such works as short-listed above.

And I hope might highlight why I chose the above title for this message to you;
and ‘plug’ the longer-intention as
Invividual Human Movement Co-Improving
Wholesome Health, Wellmess & Wellbeing

Co-Building n& Co-Maintaining”.

What I would like you to tell me is

“How ‘worthy’ are or might be any of those three sites ?”

With best regards;

John Miles. PL6 5LU. 07936035565.

I wish to send a contributing email message to Karl Aubrey,
but have no address to send it to or route it through.
[I am a genuine supporter,
and voluntarily run a WordPress e-site (not-for profit].