Relevancies #3

We await a response to:

.net to AgeUK

Many vitally important Life-&-Survival Needs and Issues
are not being recognised by
Governments, Civil-Services, the NHS,
and both The Schools & Universities Education
and the General-Social 7 Neighbourhoods

instead are being almost “cinderella’d”, “denied”, “repressed”, “poo-pooed”, and are being summarily-scoffed-off as
“not needs” “not being taught” “not necessary” –
when the opposite is true,
they are necessary
and sufficient in their own ‘human-&-Earth-Lifeplace-right’ [*]

To see instances and reasonings
concerning these non-fiction advances, facts, and publications,
please see

all of which are not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence
voluntary e-sites,
run by myself as an “Earth-citizen’s duty”..

Yours sincerely,
[*] Please do not make the common blindly-authoritarian mistake of saying “that is not a ‘word’ “; it is a Fact !]

0221 Tuesday 210420.