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It is ‘sometimes’, if not ‘often’,  mindly-practical
to divide the/our/one’s Environment
into ‘Places’ – at first broadly into
Workplace [40 hours per week] and Lifeplace [128 hrs/week]..

It can become further necessary to subdivide, and add-to, these: 
the Lifeplace has a 6-9 hours Sleepingplace;
 a “Sicknessplace”; and a Battleworkplace”, might need to be added
at  ‘1st-Order’ level; and so forth.
One of the informal pieces of advice that we were given in Intake 1 was
“You will be serving abroad amongst many different kinds of People.
Remember this: 
The way to a people’s heart is thorough religion –
their religion”.

Today we are beset by many different kinds of “war” –
vitally to be appreciated at the “Cold-War” level being
those conflicts being variously-‘insidiously’ waged
in various Lifeplaces –
and the current COVID-19 ‘insidiously-blitzkrieg-rapid’ pandemic
might be, or become, one such deliberately-covert-‘sharklike’ [*] invasion.
The “Fitness-for-Purpose” now required throughout all Lifeplaces
 is no longer reducible to just “Militant Strength & Speed” –

unlike the enemy’s secret-weapon that Churchill replied to the
Concerned-Commander’s question “How shall we recognise this weapon ?”
“Take heart, it will make itself recognisable as soon as it arrives”. 

What if the very foundational constitutions and mores of every extant-civilisation
no longer “Fit-for-Both-Immediate & Longest-Term Purpose” ?

Instance:  MIND (Plymouth) discovered that I had
“… survived psychiatry, but was the first such they’d had who is still ‘articulate’;
would I please join the Management Committee'” – which I did.
My first ‘assignment’ was to attend a book-launch on Alternative Medicine
by a Medical Professor at Plymouth University. 
Since I had been collecting non-fiction publications
in the Fields of Human Development and Holistic Health,
I was already a public member of their Library
furthering my ‘extra-mural research’
but I couldn’t find any of the books i had accumulated,
nor find mention of them on the Catalogue.
(With the exception of “People Skills” by Robert Bolton
and the ‘bread-&-butter’ “Joining Together” by Johnston & Johnston.

So I took an armful of my books along and asked the professor
“Why can’t I find anyof these in your library nor even on the catalogue ?
He replied, amiably but nonetheless somewhat ‘curtly’ I thought,

“Because we are not teaching any of them”.

I thereafter opened a website
and began listing these neglected, perhaps ‘suppressed’
advances in Individual as well as Collective Human Development
and Holistic Health, knowledge-&-knowhow.

At this 2020 particularly “unique” Earth-&-Humankind Predicamental Juncture,
I felt a need – ‘greater-than-all-of-us’ – to ‘blow-the-whistle harder’;
and who, i thought, more ‘future-concerned’ than
our trustworthy leaders. 
Hence this “arrow-message” to the RMAS now.
The three ‘voluntarily-altruistic’ 
and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’ e-sites I run are:
With best regards
and with lasting appreciations of the training carried on at the RMAS:
John S.D. Miles. PL6 5LU. 

  1. [393218].
    Requirements-&-Future-Ongoing-Relationships Social Behavioural Model (Fivefold):-
    hide under their shells denying both their own material and relationship needs, 
    as well as their attacker’s;
    one-way attack, not caring about their quarry’s material and relationship needs,
    nor caring about their own future-relationship need.
    Care about their own future-relationship, and somewhat about their victim’s too:
    e.g. might bite off a lobe from an ear, thus allowing a return tomorrow to take say a finger.
    Care more about the other competitor’s need than their own, in order to maintain the existing relationship.
    Care about all four needs, both of the Other’s and both of their Own.

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