Another ‘Imbalancer’

So many “imbalancers” and “malfeasances” –
as well as more publicly-known “crimes”-
are ‘surfacing’
and were surfacing
since before the current Coronavirus
so upsettingly ‘penetrated’ “Us”.

One such goes right back into early schooldays –
it is simply the ‘neglect’
or ‘undertaught’
between and betwixt mathematical
“linear” relationships and “percentage” relationships.

Two workers live in adjacent ‘identical’ houses
person-A has a weekly income of £300
the other, person-B, has £3,000pw
The linear difference is £2700.

The “percentage” difference
tells a radically different ‘narrative’, however:

Each has all workplace costs paid by their employer;
each pays the same rent,
and has the same other personal-lifeplace expenses;
but at the end of the week
the £300pw person-A has Nil left over
whilst person-B has +£2700 left over.

======== Case Made ? =======

The dear reader’s ‘task’ –
should s/he choose to accept it –
is to “critically scrutinise”
& make a
of the Civilisation within which
the above kind of ‘gross-mismatching’
occurs and may ‘hold-sway’.

How far
is it
and how far



[ Continuable. ]

2023 Tuesday 14042020
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