It needs to be pre-pared “right”, first.
Right ?

We are much like Trees –
which have a
a stem-domain,
a foliage-domain,
a flower-domain
and a
seed domain.

Some say they also have a “living–sickness-&-dying domain” –

certainly they are the “prey” of a special “army” of vegetation-viruses [**];

whilst others even go as far as claiming
they have a ‘cemeterial’-domain
[as forest-floor-further-fodder-&-‘living’-litter].
It is probably simpler for most of us to follow the
Music-Structural Sequence
Establish the right “beat”;
then some Harmony,
then a Melody;
and finally some “twiddly-bits” –

always remembering that
music is nothing without ‘silences’ in it, too.
Saliently, there are models of Body-Movement

[*] probably the best foundational human movement knowledge & knowhow
is that of the eight basic human movements
with their ‘domains’ and ‘elements’
and as four pairs of ‘opposites’ :
Effort by Laban & Lawrence.
[**] Our reason for including ‘viruses’ here because
they are the “opposing” Life-Sphere to “Bio-Lifeforms” [***]
[***] Bio-Lifeforms,
of Animalia as well as Vegetational
and the smaller Kingdoms (e.g. Fungi:
all of which ‘branch’ within their Kingdom ‘down’ through
Phylums, Classes, Orders, Families, Getting, Species. (+Varieties).
Viruses follow only a few of these ‘levels’

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