1149 – 1153 ADDED;
“See TV Documentary
Our Secret Universe: the hidden life of the cell
[versus Viruses]”.
1155 “LIFE -“

and the
“Our little life” that is “rounded with a sleep”.

For and in our Workplace we need skills
[with their many more mini- and micro- skills components.]

In our 128 hours/week Lifeplace
we need many enablements
and many Guidances.

Practically helpful today is a publication called
Atomic Habits
An easy and proven way to
Build Good Habits & break Bad Ones.
(by James Clear 2018.)
Summarised ultra-simply:
“Start making very small changes
in how you do things or how you move [*]”
{ such as
(i) sometimes using the washing-up brush
with the other hand
(ii) walking a few steps backwards.
(iii) ‘edging’ with each eye successively
in clockwise and anti-clockwise –
and with differently-timeframed ‘speeds’. }
Dorothy H.Crawford’s
‘A Very Short Introduction’
shows the comparative shapes and sizes
of the (possibly) ‘thousands’
of different viruses.
{Most viruses are ‘infinitesimally tiny
have only 40 genes
and yet
different ‘super-intelligences & ‘competitive-speed-edges’.
“In general,
they are around 100 to 500 times smaller
than bacteria,
varying in size
from 20 to 300 nanometres in diameter
[1 nm is a thousand-millionth of a metre’]” }.

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“A fact remains a fact despite being neglected”
(Aldous Huxley)

[*] Laban & Lawrence ‘s Effort shows
the different basic elements and combinations of human-movement.

1141 1147 Thursday 09042020
1149 ADD: Viruses see also TV documentary
Our Secret Universe: the hidden life of the cell
[versus Viruses]