“Nitty-Gritty”: Non-Fictionals

all know about the –
Global-Warming Life-Extinction Possibility”;

and that the
” French fishing-fleets may “poach” all our UK fish
once we quit the EU”.

And we all know there are plenty of “Jeremiahs” around
telling out the “Bad-News” 24/7 –

And we’ve checked up on the ‘Science-Fantasists’ –
like those two who wrote
The End of ‘More’
– saying that we all have to live off less-and-less
– that you must

Look around you:
imagine everything that uses fossil fuel input

in its manufacture
being removed;

and you will be sitting naked on bare earth,

starving to death.”

(*) The End of More by Pagett & Smit. page 24.

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