“It’s An Ill-Wind …”

Initial Key Reminder:
Our Lifeplace occupies us for 128 hours per week;
our Workplace for (only) 40.

Quite some “majority” of us
now have to spend most of our time –
practically including former Workplace time –
in not ‘The’ but our own home lifeplace.


Our current medical and civil
COVID-19 restrictions

can be a great Personal opportunity

as well as a
‘Peacefully Radical Civilisation Reform Booster’.

Read on …

“It’s an ill wind… that blows nobody any good.”
“Make hay while the sun shines”.


So, whilst we can in a new and different real sense
be looking forward to several weeks if not months of
“Social-distancing” and “lone-self-isolation”,

to be sure
we could already be using
if not most
of this “ill-wind” time

to set about becoming
truly Immediately and Longest-Termly
much better and more effectively

“self sustain-worthy-ing
we each possess “a host” of “pure body-parts”.
Right ?
And they do each, and all, need to be “right” –
if not “as right as rain” then
“as right as can be”.

Whilst we also have ‘equally’ big needs
to be keeping our Emotions and Imagination
healthily ‘in order’,

we also have a quite extensive “domain” of
the one we need to focus with up-front
now being
“finding the right and clearest word
for what we’ve found and are finding.”


[*] Modern guides are sufficient to have at one’s elbow
“how to get easily and effectively into self-improvement”.
Excellent and up-to-the minute guides include
by Bersin, Bersin & Reese.
The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement
by Frank Wildman.

And one whose title needs a little ray of insight
The New Rules of Posture
by Mary Bond
who, inside the book defines “posture” as
being ever-dynamic –
the self-shaping we do
to enable us to be moving ourself
‘best-possible and comfortably’ “.

{ not as “posing”
or “freezing-as-for-a-photograph” }
[**] This
using the right and clearest word
is an essential key in the wider world
“Peacefully Radical Reform” movement
where many ‘foggy’ and ‘cover-up’ terms
have actually become deeply entrenched –
and since our English language
has plenty of such ‘spin-doctorings’
but is the “World-language’ –
we have a specially-urgent and important ‘call’ or ‘duty’
to “clean up our own Language”.


1000 Wednesday 08042020.
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