Simpler-Sustainworthying ?

The very fact that so many truly
Immediate & Longest-Term ‘
‘Things’ and ‘Matters’
that really do matter

have been being
as far as Establishments and Majority-Populaces are concerned
“lost forever”.
As far as “Things” go
all the magnificent ships sunk at sea during WW2 alone
is a permanent historical disgrace’ upon all civilisations involved.

Subsequent monstrous and 24/7-ongoing today
similar “sacrifices”
notably recurrent Wars
are a United Nations and Individual-Nations
failure and historical disgrace.
As far as “Matters” go –
not only do perpetrators of
persecuted and assassinated ‘needful-causes’ victims’
such as Martin Luther King
stand ‘red-handed’ and ‘forever-smoking-gunlike’

but similarly so do ‘resistors to and suppressors of’

currently alive “essential-causes’
supporters as well as leaders
‘new sustainworthy knowledge & knowhow’ authors
who and which
are being “neglected”,
“left-out”, “left-behind”, “ostracised”,
and “dumped-overboard”.

The lists of such deliberately-inhibited and repressed shown in these three voluntarily-altruistic and
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’
are evidence enough of
that have long needed to be not only brought into
the Immediate public awareness
but into Longest-Term oriented
“Generic Earth-citizenship general education & training
for every-one –
the Lifeplace majority ‘voluntarily’
but for Responsible individuals and Workplace -minorities
mandatorily or compiulsorily.

That’s the “heavy” part of this


A touch now
of perhaps much happier,
if ‘poignantly-sad’ in places,
To begin with

Danny Boy.

2057 Tuesday 07042020,
Offline other “Sustainworthying” opportunities ‘await’.
2103 “...perpetrators …”
2107 “…resistors to and suppressors of …”