Consider your ‘Cores’.

One’s ‘wholeness-of-body’
gets both ‘naturally’ and
‘divided’ into parts –

and some of these get ‘impaired’ –
even ‘permanently-disabled’
as well as more than one of them becoming quite
Of all the voluntary, and partly-voluntary human-functions,
the Imagination
is one of the most crucial.

And it is almost ‘factual’ that the human-body
can be imagined by its Mind
to have a number of “cores” –
each having a notional “shape”.

Off the top of one’s head
these ‘cores’ might be of
the Head,
the Arms and Shoulders
the Chest
the Midriff
the Pelvis
the Back
the Legs.

‘Naturally’ one could
and would
include other major body-parts
(say such as)
the Stomach.

This helps one’s ‘control-mind’
to better-continually keep
one’s progress
e.g. between pains and pleasures,
walks and sedentaries.
needs, wants, wishes, dreams and horror-phantasmagorias –
of which latter even the BBC News can become one !

Let’s consider other similar “Keys” –
call them “Self-Managing-Helpmeets” or suchlike.


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