Clean Up Our Language !

The following has been sent
as an acknowledgement and democratic reply
to a Governmental COVID-19
online information department :-

OK –
but you should have taken this opportunity
to “deconflate” this
“education versus training-versus-informing”
area of “foggy-verbiaging“.

Such conflated,
and therewith also ‘wildly-contagious-conflating’
of our minds
is no way to govern, educate, train, nor inform –
whether in times of secure-peace & plenty
or in times of “near-extinction-threat”.

Include the Three Principles of Good Communication & Honest Reasoning 
in your duties
and especially in your public-communicating.-
1. Make it clear
2. Be charitable by acknowledging the truth, fact and/or goodness in any other’s statements and arguments..
3. Be self-corrigible -retarct; or admit when seen to be wrong or misinformed..

Soriing out these insidious bad-wordings,
many of them being even constitutionally-entrenched –
needs to be set very-publicly in effective-&-effectivising  motion

In support, I shall now publish this message on the voluntarily-altruistic
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretence’ e-sites;;
With good regards,
John Miles. PL6 5LU; U.K.

1455 T 07042020