Our ‘No-Lose’-‘debategame’

It is to be strongly wished
that the following one-person dialogue
could be [*]
signed as having been composed by
the two-people
about whom it actually is.

Imagine that we are having
a (friendly) conversation,
a focused-conversation,
a discussion
or a two person ‘debate’

not necessarily face-to-face
but – ‘distanced’ –
even ‘totally-anonymously’ too –
by telephone, textphone, computer-voicetalk or email.
the ‘dialoguing’ is like a ‘game’
in that Brownie points are ‘earned’ by a female participant whilst Cubby points are ‘earned’ by a male participant.
Neither ‘loses’ a point.
In real-World Conflict prevention this is also known as ‘win-win’ problem-solving.
{see Dr Thomas Gordon’s initial ‘Method III’ in
People/Parent/Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Training
further in People Skills by Robert Bolton.

[*] or could ‘have been

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