Power “Trojan-Horses”

A ‘Power Trojan Horse’

is one of the several main ways
in which

tyrannical, toxic, and exploitative
political and profiteering
bankster and gangster organisations and parties
subliminally infiltrate, numb, and control you –
COVID-19 is a glaring going instance.

In terms of
the gamut of non-sustainworthy
establishmentarians, political-individuals, parties,
and marketplace profiteers

the success of the Nation’s Emergency Teams
and Outstanding and Heroic Individuals
becomes headline-news-claimed to show
the Outstanding Worth and Rightness
of the Overall-Power-That-Is
not merely of the
Nation’s Establishment and Government-of-the-Day,
but up through higher and worldwide levels to the United Nations itself.
That very Power that is so miserably,
even ‘collapsingly’
but ‘covered-up-ly’
even ‘existentially-deniably’
in both bigger and lesser predicaments
(such as Climate-Worsening
and the
Global Lifesupports Increasing-Shortfall)

and especially in Immediate & Longest-Term-Future
Peacefully-Radically Reformative
Constitution Up-Dating
supported by
Immediate-Implementation and Longest-Term Planning.

2225 Monday 30 March 2020,
To be continued.
2235 Partts added and someparts improved.