“Buried Treasure” found!

The New Health ‘Revolution’ (*)
by Ross Horne
amongst other “real world-health findings” from around the real-world

back at around 1937 a health-researcher found
the high-probabilitity that
all of the >400 Degenerative Diseases [‘so-called’}
from Cancer to Heart-failure (**)
are actually symptoms (***)
of the real underlying complex-disease itself
Lipotoxemia (****)
Thus, then, the “prevention-prescription”
would simply be
(what Ross Horne also found other researchers were finding) –

Instance #1
Since the naturally-evolved human body is Vegetarian (*****)
and needs to be 80% alkalised-20% acidified
through a long-historical ‘gordian-knotting-mix-up’
between Natural Evolution and Civilisational Development
especially the ‘Western’ populations have long been
90% acidified and (only) 10% alkalised.
Those researchers concluded that humans worldwide should be adopting ‘Alkalising Dietary Habits and Food Economies’. (******)


(There are too many to even have their ‘titles’ revealed !)

One major British ‘quirk’
shows up from 1948 –
when two ‘inadvertently-iatrogenic’ governance mistakes were
embedded in
the UK Constitution, Law, and General Practice :

1. A “Hospitals, Illnesses, and Pharmacological Sector”
was ‘unwittingly’ titled the
“National Health Service” –
thus falsely founding
the “comprehension & practice” parts
of the British mind, body and “new British way-of-life” .

2. The United Nations ‘Declaration of Human Rights’
was so-received as to prevent it becoming
much more than 50%-implemented.

[*] Ross Horne’s main career had been as an international airlines pilot,
during which his main ‘hobby’ was “healthy-living-research”.
[**] see also Superimmunity by Paul Pearsall (the whole thing …)
(***) ‘signs and symptoms’.
(****) There are many lipids, and many toxins –
there could be more ‘so-called-diseases
still to be newly ‘packaged-&-presenting’ and/or discovered.
(*****) Earth’s Animalia is found to be ‘divided’
between herbivores and carnivores,
biologists finding that
the gut-lengths are strikingly at variance:
carnivores gut is only 5-times the length of the torso,
whereas herbivores gut is 12-times the length of the torso.

(******) the main ‘acidifiers’ are meats;
the main alkalisers are fresh ripe raw fruits and vegetables.
Further, cooking lowers the alkalisation-factor.
(*******) Later again, in 1978
Britain’s ‘leadership’ [Establishment, Government and BMA]
literally ‘contrived’ to ignore the main-intention of that Declaration
which was for Health (building, as distinct from Illness curing)
to be taken-on by other sectors than ‘only’ the Medical & Pharmacological ones.
Instead, the whole Declaration was literally ‘shoved-under’
the long pre-established “Primary Medical Care”.
Surgeries, even many new and costly premises were established
as such Primary Medical Care centres-and-so-forth,
but with the new [also costly} ‘shingles’ and ‘promotional-materials stating
“Primary Health Care”.
To this day, Britain has no ‘Health-Building & Maintaining Service’
even in the (so-called) Private Sector.

{Spain has !}

(and ‘we’ve only just begun’ here)

1809 March 2020