“The Cost of It’s Enormous”


Home living-room and bedroom
“Electronic Air-Purifiers & Negative-Ionisers”

yes, they do “work –
but since the price-range
is from about £30 to more than £300

the one-and-only big-question for me
especially for many others
and during this
COVID19 pandemic-killer-virus [*]

“How effectively to they get rid of not only dust and smells but especially dust-mites and pathogenic-positive-ions ?”
An email has gone to one UK company about this,

but really one’s Government should have a
General-Overall-Answers&-Referrals E-site
enabling the Public to get
‘as quickly-and-straightly-as-possible’
the life-problem they’re facing
the relevant – and one-most-relevant – ‘answer(s)’ .

[*] One air-purifier review states that
(“) They do not kill
nor in any way ‘neutralise’ this COVID-19 virus (“)
{which is what many people
are now buying
such an electronic-machine for)

0647 Wednesday 25 March 2020
(Gone offline to ‘sustainworthy’ my clothes)