Radical-Reform Opportunity!

is in effect giving us each-and-all [*]
a great-opportunity
to begin
and to “irreversibly-establish-the-bridgehead”
of the
in-any-case vitally-needed
From our ‘neck-of-the-woods’
the following response has been emailed
to a traditional British NGO
[Non-Governmental Organisation] :-


Can the Organisation check
the three
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence
http://lifefresh.net ; 
which our taxes (including VATs) jointly-fund
(out of this British citizens’ state-pension);

for ‘extra-media-ly’ but further-vital-or-relevant
real-life-findings and non-fictional information,
please ?

Because huge non-fictional  amounts
of real-human-development knowledge & knowhow advances
are being published
but are being either ‘missed’
or ‘deliberately-ignored-or-excluded’
by Leading and Directively-Empowered Authorities
not only excluded by Governmental-Bodies
and their hierarchical Community-Levels
but by our Educational and other Constitutionally-Covered Bodies
including ‘NGO’s’ –
[of which I fear the BL may be one].
Vitally-arguably, this COVID-19 “crisis”
has a both – Immediate & Longest-Term Positive-Opportunity
to Peacefully-Radically-Reform our Leadership-Constitutional-Cores 
both up to and down from The united Nations
and at the same time “bottom-upwards” from-&-with all Worldwide Civilisations’ Peoples.

The non-fiction publications are already available
to immediately begin such a Reform
at personal-individual level
and at progressive-group- levels.
[That is the “Raison D’Etre” for the above three e-sites.]
I am,
Yours faithfully,
John S.D. Miles.  PL6 5LU; U.K.

[*] Worldwide – Top-to-Bottom and bottom to top

1215 Wednesday 25 March 2020.

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