Sustainworthyingly, also –

We English-speakers (as first-language)
have a
“world-languages-serving responsibly-response-able”
leadership Task –

In every sense, meaning, level, classification and usage of
The World-English Language
we have the
making-&-maintaining English

Right for the Whole World of Peoples

right for our ‘Home-British’ use
within the boundaries of our ‘British Isles’.

1051 M 2303220 breaking for offline stuff —–

The Further Difficulty
in Writing and Pronouncing English Words:

how clearly convey a sense of
“moving ahead ‘directionally'” ?

The word
is already ‘suspiciously less than clear before
settling the ‘right’ pronunciation of it –
in both pronunciation and written-signs
How place the ‘stress’, for –
FOR-wurds/FOR-words/ FOR-wahrds ?
Fawr-WURD/ For-WAWRDS/ Four-Wuds ,,,
Dictionaries can partly-solve this ‘Issue-Impasse’
by putting horizontal and vertical ‘dashes
(as with a horizontal hyphen
commonly placed midway-centrely
between syllables of, or whole, words.

but directly above the vowel letter in that part of the word


( 1119- “The Further Difficulty” )
[to be continued when offline-duties and needs permit]