Sudden Shock Scenarios

In full view of the Many and Contrasting Threats to
Earth’s Lifesupports
and to
Our Humankind’s Civilisations & Very-Survival –
now proliferate more than ever before.



The existing COVID-19
and its now already-known various ‘threats’
may be ‘hiding’ the possibility of a ‘secret’
“Vigilante-Style Culprits-Sniping Guerrilla-Group”
‘trapping’ large amounts of the active-virus
with the ‘Sniper-Like-Aim’ of
‘delivering’ it
into the actual bodies, homes, and other properties,

at any or all ‘Levels’.


(further notional ‘copy’ in progress offline)

1955 Th 190320
1959 “…further notional ‘copy’ …”