We begin
by making our-self more
then by ‘co-sustainworthying’
with one other and/or with a number of other-persons.

We use reliably-based published non-fiction guidances
one of which may be ‘instantially’ looked into
in a moment.

We see how we need to be on the
as well as occasionally
“qui-vive” and “lookout”
not only for our own ‘better-habituations’ progress
but for places in the published Guidances we use
that need to be ‘clarified’, ‘de-conflated’, ‘corrected’.

Because the main-population of readers are
how shall we put it
“still youthful”
the author Frank Forencich writes thus :

About Beautiful Practice
“No matter your path, your training will consist of
a series of lessons,
each marked by
a gradual darkening of your training belt,
as you progress.

The shade of your belt
will serve as a reminder of your experience,
your developing knowledge,
and your all-important
time-on-the-mat‘ “.


‘We’ have margin-noted on page 11 of our copy of
Beautiful Practice
” 1. Be still – all over, right-through, your whole-self.
only then
2. Mindfully-prepare to begin moving all
or some part of yourself
slowly; small; gently;
and both continually continuously self-awaringly,
and your body-parts differing sensations fully-feeling .”
“We are in no hurry
to become more ‘black-belted’ or ‘Olympicly fit’ “.

So on we go – our welfare is our concern …”

0109 Thursday 19032020.
0110 “,,,only then…”