Our ‘Life-Alternating’ Task

In finding,
and so ‘joining in’
‘now greater-evolving-human-task’

such as here with

Individual Human Movement Co-Improving
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing
Co-Building & Co-Maintaining”

we must ‘perforce’ find –

between and betwixt
“unpleasant, unwelcome, ‘bad’ new knowledge & knowhow”
“pleasant, welcome and ‘good’ new knowledge and knowhow

a way of keeping ourselves
continually and continuously

We have for a few day been beginning to tackle
the really ‘insidiously-sickly’ Issue of
the ‘domineeringness’ of

Toxic ‘Leaders’“.

So we now really ‘need’ to
( – and that sort of -)
with an adequate amount of
We already have at hand a goodly number of such
The ‘Rules’ of Life;
Your Body; biofeedback at its best without instruments;
Be Your Own Life Coach;
The Centering Book;

and at hand here right now we have
The Second Centering Book
by Hendricks & Roberts :-
(“) In writing the first Centering Book,
our aim was to meet a need
for something that had been too long
in education and in our greater Lifeplaces:
activities for the
non-verbal, intuitive,
and creative part
of children –
and thereafter of all sorts of adult people. (“)

“We were concerned with the development of
because we felt that education’ s emphasis
was too much on
(‘) classroom-theoretical-doing and sedentary-thinking (‘)

[“] The world is changing rapidly. Thre are many ideas now current that radically affect the way we live our lives :
(i) The value of ecological awareness
and ‘kindness’ to the earth.
(ii) Honesty in communication,
(iii) The value of quiet and solitude.
(iv) The value of open, honest relationships in which deepest feelings, and fantasies, can be shared.
(v) The value of meditation and of ‘Stillness-ing’;
(vi) TYhe value of taking care of our bodies
for example, nutrition; all-round-easy bodyparts moving;
relaxation & of ‘re-tension-levelling’ .
(vii) The joy of ‘right-movement’.
(viii) The value of the different kinds of ‘Intuition’.
(ix) Personal responsibility
(for example, we are ‘responsible’ for our thoughts, feelings,
the ‘creation’ of our reality)
and we also need to be ‘response-able‘.
(x) The awareness that our way of ‘being’
[‘centered’ versus ‘scattered; ‘relaxed’ versus ‘tense’;]
does profoundly affect our lives. [“]

This process follows the natural tendency of the mind
to move from inside to outside, alternately.
so that eventually one discovers one’s ‘centre’.
It can be done lying down
or seated with ‘head down – but not “slumped” ‘.
“Let’s begin by closing our eyes and letting our ears take over. Listen very carefully to all the sounds you can hear, inside and outside of the room”.
(Pause 10 – 15 seconds)
“Now become aware of all the things touching you – like the chair, the floor, and your clothes . . .
feel the way your clothes touch your skin”.
(Pause 10-15 seconds)
(“) And now become aware of the inside of your skin,
how your bones feel
and how the inside of your body touch your skin”
(Pause 10 – 15 seconds).
“And now be aware of where the ‘centre’ of your body is –
the place that is the very centre of you.”
(Pause 10 seconds)
“And when you are ready, come back and become aware of the room around you,
and sit up,
and feel rested – and yet ‘alert’. “

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