John Hands ‘Cosmosapiens’

This e-site recently
John Hand’s Cosmosapiens
for omitting mention of
what some might consider to be

John has responded thus:

Dear John Miles ( &;

Thank you so much for your message to my website.

The short answer is that my publishing contract contained a limit
to the number of words in the ms
and I had to omit much of my research.

Even so, COSMOSAPIENS was 704 pages long.
The Aquatic Ape hypothesis
was first put forward by Alister Hardy in 1960
and developed by Elaine Morgan in her 1982 book.

Continent in Crisis was published in 1990,
Wisdom of the Body Moving was published in 1994.

One criterion I employed to keep to the word limit was
to use the most recent sources where possible.

I do hope you understand.

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