Oxymoronic but “dead-right”

Just arrived
The Allure of Toxic Leaders
by the author of Connective Leadership and Hot Groups
Professor Jean Lipman-Blumen.

Before we start-into ‘grasping’ this leading work
there is a definitional-task facing us:

“A leader
is a person who lives and works
transparently emulably
for all existing and could-be followers”.
=========== [*] ==========

Most so-called ‘Leaders’ are
in dominant/domineering fact

the late Lady Diana
[qua Great Britain’s ‘Ex-Princess of Wales’]
‘no leader’
since hardly a soul-on-Earth
had enough funds, staff-members,
and constitutional-protections
to be able to emulate her.

[Let’s see what Professor Jean has to say].

2123 2133 “Let’s see what Professor Jean has to say”
Monday 16032020.
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— break for self-&-immediate-environment sustainworthying —