Our “Worldviewing” Failure

It seems
at least to the ordinarily-sober adult mind
that what is widely known as
“One’s World-View”
needs to be “trumped” –
by a United Nations University Constructed
” Generic Human World View”.
Take the human third-brain [Intellect] complexitude,
and its “essential knowledge-&-knowhow ‘pyramiding’
and ‘upside-down-tree-branching”

for instance in our
Species-&-Earthlife-Stewardship Need
to “come-to-grips with

How many levels-upwards are
for a human-being to become expertly able to
any or all of the


{ Since it has become clear that Viruses are perhaps
the most Omnipotent
and Omnipresent
if not Omniscient
‘Life-Survival-Competitive-Participants’ on Earth.

{ i.e. they can ‘get-into’ any biological-lifeform
“for better or worse”
and also survive outside of such Lifeforms –
those Lifeforms being ‘hierarchicly-classifiable’ }


Now that ‘one’ is here and now
seeking the
Overall Taxonomic Classification
of Viruses
Humans and All-Other-Biological_Lifeforms

and has seen that although,
‘in parallel’ with
the Biological Classification of All Lifeforms on Earth
{Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family, Genus, Species,
and maybe ‘Variety’}
and thereby
‘Viruses pervade all Lifeforms’
therefore arguably
‘Viruses’ have a
wider, deeper, and more-longevitous
“place-in-‘creation’ than any lifeform and than
collection/alliance of lifeforms ;

the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
includes ‘Family’ and ‘Genus’ levels by name,
also says

“The order of presentation of virus families and groups
does not reflect any hierarchical or phylogenetic classification
but only a convenient order of presentation. Since a taxonomic structure above the level of family or group
( with the exception of the order Mononegavirales )
has not been developed,
any sequence of listing must be arbitrary.”.

“The order of presentation of virus families and groups follows three criteria:
(i) the nature of the viral genome
(ii) the strandedness (**) of the viral genome
(iii) the presence or absence of a lipoprotein envelope.

There are no known ssDNA viruses with envelopes, so these threecriteria give rise to seven clusters comprising the 74 failies and groups of viruses.” …”… the ssRNA …families have been arranged … on the basis of …strategy.
To show how vitally-necessary it is
that every human-being has been made aware
that there is an “essential-infinitude”
of Details and Sub-Details
in any World-View;
here is another quotation from that
Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses
(5th Report 1991)

“Taxonomic status. FAMILY REOVIRIDAE
TYPE SPECIES Reovirus Type 1.
BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS: Host range: Vertebrates only; man, monkeys, birds, cattle, bats & Experimentally in cells of most vertebrate species.”

“REPLICATION: Two nonstructural proteins are synthesised (MW = 41,000 and 75,000). Transcriptase synthesizes positive strands.
Later a presumably related replicase synthesizes negative srands, thus forming progeny dsRNA molecules.
Note: Other viruses show such ‘Infection-Spreading -Properties or ‘Capabilities’ as

Effect on cells: Generally cytolytic, but temperate and persistent infections are common;
other features are ‘inclusions’, ‘syncytium formation’, and ‘haemadsorption’.

Host range;
Only found in vertebrates.
Each virus has its own host range in nature and in the laboratory.
Horizontal. mainly airborne; no vectors [‘carriers’].

the advancing-definitive EarthLife need
for each human-being
to be made-aware-of, and be self-awaring of, –
at least
Overall Mind-Map of ‘Everything’
how can any-one
professorily or poverty-struckly
be and truthfully claim to be
response-able and responsible
democratically-merited voter ?


(**) clearly in the sense of “string-ness” rather than “marooned-ness” “

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