Our ‘words’ vs ‘deeds’ “War”

1207 1259 Saturday 14 March 2020

For us,
the only ‘third & intellectual brain’ species on Earth,
namely homo sapiens sapiens [‘human-beings’]

our ‘words’
are majorly more high-priority to “get right”
than our [often-ensuing[ “deeds”.

However –


The words we choose or are inculcated-with
are too often almost “alien”,
hopelessly inadequate for ensuring
that the right-deed follows –
even that the right-preparation for that right-deed
can be clearly ‘first-time’
derived from the words-indicating.


Most of us posses
a ‘world-leading’ non-fiction Guidance book
of one kind or another –

there’re two [*] just arrived here on the e-site desk
which are without doubt “excellent”
and probably each “a, or even ‘the’, “world-leader”.

They each require one to start by being,
in modern-progress-lifestyling-words
and by “visualising” oneself “making-a-certain-movement”.

Yoga for Inflexible People
by Max & Liz Lowenstein;
Yoga for the Inflexible Male
by Yoga Matt [sic].
We are already “enveloped” by “mere” words
before we can even “lift a finger” !

Yoga Matt tells us a ‘fact’:
“Breath follows motion”.
In “doing-it real-life-living terms”
we now need to be aware of our body-motion’s sensations-&-stillnesses
before being conscious of or ‘thinking-about’
our breathing.

When we turn to
Awarenss Through Movement
by Mosha Feldenkrais
or to any other “How-to move better” source or guidance
we’ll be advised
“First simply ‘imagine’ moving one of your body-parts –
all of your toes up-and-down
without yet actually starting any bodypart or toe -movement.”

Some of us
(and this writer is one such)
find this very difficult, or ‘time-consuming’, to ‘achieve’.

We still have a good-mind –
able to ‘further-think’ how we are needing to ‘self-awaringly-pause’
whilst our thought becomes
“(Ah!) this means I have to ‘forgo’ any words whatsoever
whilst I
“feel” any and all of my
body-movement and stillness
lack-of-sensations …”

“… and also means (that) I must also majorly sub-focus myself
upon my own
Perceptual Self-Control .

——— 1259 (break, lock the door, for some ‘self-practicing’) ——–