More “sine-qua-non” basics:-

1433 Saturday 14032020

The One Great
but so far ‘Unwritten’
Historicly Immutable Truth

In The Beginning Was A Plurality of Entities“.
Fast-Forward to the
“Natural-Evolution & Civilised-Development of ‘Humans'”.
A More Recently-Discovered ‘Truth’ is that
“Human-Life is like a Flat-Pack” .

The owner has to have
livable and workable occupancy
of a ‘place’ or ‘premises’
within which to construct his/her “flat-pack’/
(b) be able to
(I) check all its components
for both
”presence’ and ‘correctness’;
(ii) appraise him/her-self
of the right-sequence
in which to select and construct
those components.
perform that sequence.
Since ‘existence’ has a plurality-components-base
a Time-Sequencing-Inherence;

and since Human life is ‘similarly’
like a ‘Flat-Pack’:

our primary human-need is for
(i) the right-enablements
to be rightly constructing one’s Life-Flat-Pack.
(ii) right-directioning & sequencing
that Rightly-Constructed-Pack,
(iii) right-consolidating that Set-of-Life-Parts.
(iv) right-immediate-&-longest-term
that Life-Set.

One will also have ‘noticed’ that
that Life-Set person needs to be able to
distinguish between such different ‘things’ as
‘Negativising-Habituation’ versus ‘Positivising-Habituation’
‘Health’, ‘Illness’, ‘Ability’,
‘Impairment’, ‘Disability’,
‘Self-Healing’ and ‘Another-Healing-Helping’;
‘Disease’, ‘Symptom’, and ‘Sign’.
‘Continuous’ and ‘Continual’
‘Necessity’ and ‘Sufficiency’.


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