‘Deeper’ but ‘deadly’ ‘duds’

1555 Friday 13 March 2020
1612 “dependent upon many human-livings per week”

is one such of the
‘deeper but deadly denizens’.
‘Deadly’ because one branch of Procrastination
gets ‘hidden’ behind

One has focused on
winning a Nobel prize;
being ‘the world-leading-expert’ in one particular field;
‘becoming a Workplace millionaire
[even multi-billionaire]’

whilst neglecting
becoming personally-efficient
in the Lifeplace
i.e. failing to become able to live-efficiently
off just one-human-living per week;

and further ‘copping-out’
by paying others to do one’s hard or dirty work.

In all, one is practically
24/7/52 procrastinating
by becoming less-and-less
Lifeplace- sustainworthy & co-sustainworthying.

An instance might well be in the Life-timing
of an author of such a ‘tour-de-force tome’ as
“Cosmo Sapiens”

or the even deeper and more proliferous
“securely-group-thinking-closed-ranks” [*]
joint-authors of
such an Enforceably-Legal
Rule-Book as the Psychiatrists .
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders.
(5th Edition).

[*] Even ‘though none of them can live of just one-human-living per week.
and all being theirselves deluded
that they are each
many more than just one human being
thus being
dependent upon many-human-livings-each per week.