Scrutinising #1 (continued)

To begin with,
we were looking
Monbiot’s Out of the Wreckage

a ‘simple’ scrutiny-exercise in
“being ‘all-about’ and ever ‘on the qui-vive'”.
Of greater ‘import & content’ might be

Merchants of Doubt
“How a handful of scientists obscured the truth
on issues from tobacco smoke to global-warming.”


The Collapse of Western Civilisation
(“) Collecting all the ‘hidden-threats’
to both Ourselves and All-Life-on-Earth,
and ‘projecting’ them forwards in Time
to see what sorts of Scenario might result from
(i) continuing to ‘ignore’ those ‘threats’
(ii) immediately peacefully-revolutionarily implementing
‘The Right-Things-To-Do” (“)
(both works are critically by Oreskes & Conway)
(( and are most-probably not just “good-reading”
“essential-for-survival-action”non-fiction publications.

[“] Merchants of Doubt tells the controversial story
of how a loose-knit group
of high-level scientists and scientific advisers,
with deep connections in politics and industry,
ran effective campaigns to
mislead the public
and deny well-established scientific knowledge,
over four decades.

The same individuals who claim the science of global warming is
‘not settled’
have also denied the truth about studies linking smoking to lung cancer,
coal smoke to acid rain,
CFCs to the ozone-hole.
Doubt Is Our Product
wrote one such self-aggrandising tobacco executive.

{“} Therefore
these two authors of
insight-&-clear-thinking ‘expertises’
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway
have in their non-fiction books
given us deep and coldly-factual insights of such
Merchants of Doubt. {“}
From them we can find the
Facts & Factors
without which we would remain
actually and ‘woefully-unconsciously’
than bats.

“Our Founding Fathers placed freedm-of-thepress inhe veryfirst amendment of the United States of America Constitution.

simply because Democracy needs and requires it.
Citizens need true & factual information in order to make decisions, and a free press is crucial to the flow of such essential-democratic-governance information and constructive-discussion.


Although two centuries later
Americans established
the ‘Fairness Doctrine’
in Law, and although such legal doctrine was
in the President Reagan years,
nevertheless the underlying notion of
“equal time”
has remained ‘enshrined’
in Americans’ sense of justice and fair-play.
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
a scientists insights ‘worldwide’ ‘TV documentary
hosted by Sir David Attenborough –
reporting that
[“] Too many peoples are having to live
their fair-share of the Earth’s Resources
and even below their fair-share of their own Produce;


too many other peoples
are ‘unawarely’ living
hugely above
their fair share of such
Earth’s Resources and All-Peoples Produce.

Of the latter “over-consumers-&-wasters”
the USA is the “worst”
by “needing” 900% mor than their fair-share;
whilst the UK is “second-worst”
by “needing” 500% more than their fair-share,.

{ Go ahead, please: start ‘scrutinising’ }

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