Basics’ Beneficialities.

In the past, every-one has ‘built’ some ‘basic-abilities’
which still serve one,
if not “well”
“DV well-enough”.

One of the characteristics of a “Basic-Foundation” is its
“Immutability” and “Infinitude”
“bigger-than-all-of-us” and “ubiquity”.
Take just two of our “Sustainworthying” Foundational-Guidances

Effort by Laban & Lawrence

Shows us the four (4) pairs of Basic Human Movements
= eight (8) in all,
as 4 pairs of ‘opposites’
each having mainly four(4) of the
eight (8) ‘movement-elements’
SPACE: varies between Directness and Flexibility;
WEIGHT: between Firmness and Genrtleness;
TIME: between Sustainedness and Quickness;
FLOW: between Boundness and Fluency (Free-Flowingness).
DK Human BodyKnowledge Encyclopedia
ISBN 978-0-2412-8685-2
Showing how every system in our human-body works;
and also how to maintain it all in good health.

whilst having a time-slot of ‘lone-self-time’
such lying in bed,
and perhaps
whilst riding on a bus or train,
one can be ‘self-observing’
more caringly-effectively –

and also be
“Individual Human Movement Improving”‘;
doing that in a
“more-mindful” way as well.


Whilst under the shower,

rather than habituatedly
such as the
Royal Military Academy
“still at the double”
“30-seconds rapidly-rushed quick-strong-scrub shower”,

I can ‘slow-down’ –
until I begin to sense ‘differences’ in my body’s sensations.;
and notice how “sustainedly” or “quickly” –
and “strongly” or “lightly” –
I’m washing “this-part” of myself.

————– end of Instantiation —————-

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