Co-Scrutinising’s Essentiality

As a Democracy
as well as
natural members of the homo sapiens sapiens co-reasoning species-on-Earth

We need to do some disciplined co-scrutinising.

Today we can look into some of the
“confusing/possibly-dangerous” parts of
Out Of The Wreckage by George Monbiot
Merchants of Doubt by Oreskes & Conway
Cosmosapiens by John Hands
and can progressively extend ourselves
into a number of other such
‘leading’ and ‘sustainworthiness-containing
non-fiction facts-&-factors publications.

[Perhaps we’ll open a new Post
specificly for
this Generic Vocation-&-Mission]

As “operative-democratic-citizens”
we should already have been
Cooperatively-Participatory-Governance-place trained
in the genericly necessary-&-sufficient abilities[*]
of a democratic citizen [**].

[*] Lifeplace abilities are established by
Non-Workplace Education
in Sustainworthy-Lifestyle Enablements.
as distinct from Non-Lifeplace
Training in Workplace Skills.
the Lifeplace-Democratic-Citizen-&-Citizenry
must be kept
distinctly & fully-informedly
separate from the

Workplace-Governancial-Employee Body
i.e.Constitutional Establishment Workers
e.g. The Queen,
the Judiciary & Constitutional-Lawyers,
Parliamentary Members (MPs),
Civil-Service Employees,
Governmental Premises Staff ( ‘Cleaners’ etc)
Political Party Staff and People-Members.

1607 Wednsday 11 March 2020