Being “hidden”- by “the Best”

Seriously right, new, and healthy advances are being made,
in both factual Knowledge and Life-Practical-KnowHow,
by right-minded and truly-expert professionals
and university-staff professors & teams,

and yet many of such vital new advances are being
denied, hidden, neglected, ‘overlooked’
even by those ‘leading-powers’ who should be promoting them
and helping and supporting the worldwide public
to understand them and use them –

Those ‘leading-powers’
in most frightening-but-still-hidden-fact
All Governments – worldwide
All ‘popular’ Media – also worldwide
The vast majority of
Community, Education, Schools and Universities

1411 11th March 2020
we take a self-healthing break
before continuing with facts, factors, instances and evidential-quotations.
Meanwhile cumulative facts can be found in
as well