Humankind’s Brain-Failure

The following has been prepared for sending to a World Sustainability Authority.

Please see
All are are a ‘would-be Earth-citizen”s
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor ‘pretentiousness’
attempt to “responsibly and response-ably democraticlyp-participate.
“Sustainworthiness” a descriptive instance: –
If the Hitlerian Tihrd Reich had won WW2
 it might well have become ‘sustainable’ for more than a thousand years 
our problem with it was that
from its inception
 it was neither Immediately nor Longest-Termly
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
TV documentary hosted by Sir David Attenborough
shows that
China has been consuming [and wasting]
10% [ten] more than its fair share
of the Earth’s Resources and Other Nations’ Produce-
whilst the UK
is consuming (and wasting) 500% [five-hundred] more –
and the USA 900% [nine-hundred] more
than their fair share
of the Earth’s resources and Other Peoples’ Produce.

With ‘bankster’ directors ‘being-given’ and ‘demanding’
as much overpayment as
400 human-livings
in pay-&-bonuses;
and the Psychiatrist being both
Personally and Class
that s/he is [say] ten (10) human beings
[based on 
‘One human being needs just one-human-living’;
and one sufficient human-living is (say) £300 per week -whereas the psyhiatrist ‘needs’
£3.000 per week [= ten (10) human-livings]. –
reasons that
the Human Race can no longer plan and enforce
Immediate and Longest-Term Law & Strategy
based on such
‘traditionally corrupt and corrupting fantasy-hierarchical Blind-Dogmas and Flawed Reasonings’.

1551 Thursday 05032020