Religions’ Failures.

A ‘new’ book has appeared –
(“) How ‘American Chistianity-Resurrected’
Can Save The World
By Saving the USA (“)

Fight Back Manual
by Pierre Kandorfer
Last Bet Strategies
for Survival of Western Civilisation.
Back cover review:
The Fight Back Manual explains how to defend our Constitution, US way of life, and Judeo Christian civilisation.”
A “hidden” factor is that the
Judeo-Christianity’s Core-Hierarvhy
is “corrupty-&-corruptingly”
“in the pocket of
Big-Money-and-Political-Power” ;

and the fact that this factor can be ‘extended’
to every other Religion and Big-&-Small Organisation
all around the World
does not in the least “normalise”
nor “re-normalise” it.

2315 Monday 02032020
2017 “American-Christianity-Resurrected’