Life-Details: Secondaries.

1100 Monday 02032020
‘Breakingly In-Progress’
1159 1205 continuing.
1247 continuing at foot
1255 “civilisationally-consequent mistakes”

So many
‘insidiously-onrushing Disaster-components’
are remain “hidden-from-our sight”
because they are
“secondary to the urgently-important
& ‘voteworthy’
The academicly, governancially, and ‘politically’ correct term
e.g. for the historical-disaster “The Holocaust”
and for
the manifold ‘evil’ doings of
the “Shadow-Unconscious-Mind” –

is ‘de-facto’
surely something of a
term –

the ‘which’ we are long overdue to have

1113 Breaking for Self-&-Site Maintenance

============ 1159 – 1207 1209 (LifePowers) ============

Earth-Natural Evolution being
“blind-in-one-eye” [*]
our ‘higher-brain’ question becomes

“What about Intra/Infra-Galactic LifePowers ?” – such as Viruses; Fossil-Fuels; Ultra-Violet Life-Killers;
Minersls; Chemicals;
[such as Beach-Sands]
and their
Civilisationally-Consequent Mistakes

The Australian Continent, being ‘isolated’ by deep sea-waters,
naturally-evolved its own eco-web
‘totally’-ignorantly of other Life-Evolutions
also happening in overseas-distant eco-webs
in other Biomes and on other Continents
[that Australian “pristine uniqueness”
in ‘human-historical-turn’
later being altered by Aboriginal “burning-offs”
which might have ’caused’ the primordially-original
vegetation coverage of the continent
to ‘switch’ its dominant tree cover to
South-American Eucalyptus
the seeds having been carried by birds][**]

Consequently when English immigrants arrived
bringing “staple foods” such as rabbits and blackberries
the Australian eco-web had no knowledge of their existence
and therefore no naturally-balancing bio-control for them –

thus the blackberries and rabbits,
and later cane-toads, ‘brumbies’,
and an ‘evil-host’ of other ‘alien-lifeforms’
“settled into running wild”
[as still is Gorse in New Zealand]
[**] but see Continent In Crisis by Professor David Smith.


1211 Break for Maintenance until (say) 1459 today

1241 “Viruses” as “the Ultimately-Urgent Human No.1 Enemy” ?

Armchair “back-up” reading :
The End of More
by Josephine Smit & Norman Pagett.
Our chances of survival are being destroyed by overconsumption.
Pagett & Smit
explore the history that has brought us to this point,
and give us a glimpse of

the devastating consequences of our actions.”
Our “” question now becomes
“Can even
Individual Human Movement Co-Improing,and
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building’
be both sufficient
and ‘in-time’
to save us and our EarthLife-Supports ?”

—————– 1247 1255 “civilisationally-consequent mistakes” ———– —